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more information...PSP Icon Modelling
This project was initiated to assist in the Institutional and School planning processes.

PSP Icon are in the process of setting up quantitative models in conjunction with MI.

Two models are in development:
  1. The affordability model - financial analysis by discipline/school
  2. The academic model - Strategic and academic viability analysis

For more information, please contact Glen Barnes or Anil Pillay.
more information...PSP Icon Questionairre
This application has been deactivated, the task is complete.

  Business Intelligence Systems
more information...School Planning Decision Support System (SPDSS)
Online staff decision support model (SPDSS)

This area is subject to password protection

The SPDSS Help Facility (click here) has the detailed documentation of the project. Last updated 23 May 2005

This project was presented at the SAAIR Conference, Umthatha, September 2005, with the title Towards Estimating & Monitoring Academic Staff Workloads at UKZN

Please contact Glen Barnes (1366) for access to this facility.

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more information...UKZN Balanced Scorecard (BSCard)
An online application listing the Key Performance Indicators, Benchmarks and Assessment of Criteria for UKZN.

This application is at the institutional level only at present.

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more information...Graduate Time to Complete Model - This is a subsidy calculation tool for assessing the effect of student throughput
The Time to Complete Model looks at the implications for subsidy on student throughput and identifies the 'opportunity cost' of delayed graduatations.

Click HERE to open the notes and guide on the use of the tool

Click HERE to open the Excel Model.

  Online Applications
more information...Academic Structure Management System (AcadMan)
This application manages the official PQM and Qualification Audit information. It has various output reports to create Course Insert Sheets, Bar-coded Course Lists, Registration Check Lists, etc. The application is restricted to MI users.

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more information...Document Management System (DocMan)
Online document management system allowing uploading and downloading of electronic material in a structured system.

The system allows searching by key words and categorization at four levels.

This is a collaborative project between MI and the QPA and is set to be released soon.

The application is a DRAFT version.

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more information...Electronic Exam Papers (eExam)
A repository of past exam papers in electronic format for download pusposes.

This project is in collaboration with Library Services and is in the pilot stage.

For more information contact Nora Buchanan or Glen Barnes

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more information...HR Data Auditing
Update and maintain the staff data.

The application is run and managed by HR.

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more information...Matching & Placing Application (MandP)
Online Matching and Placing application was designed to assist Senior Line Managers, Human Resources and the Matching and Placing committee to facilitate the Matching & Placing process.

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more information...MI Glossary of Terms
MI have put together a glossary of terms used in the production of HEMIS, the dissemination of Management Information and in Institutional Research.

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more information...Module Conversion Program
This application is now READ ONLY.

Note that this application lists NEW CODES ONLY for 2005 and their corresponding old codes where applicable.

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more information...Module Management Program (ModMan)
Maintain modules information online.

Limited access to DMI and Faculties

Contact Glen Barnes (1366) or Cogie Naidoo (3067) for more details.

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more information...Online Handbooks
The current and past Faculty Handbooks are available from this site as PDF files. They are identical to the printed versions. Included in this collection is the Rules for the University.

For more information contact Glen Barnes (1366)

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more information...Online Module Templates (OMAPTS)
The Online Module & Programme Template System (OMAPTS) has been launched in the test phase. This application is a joint venture between QPA and DMI.

Contact Florence Southway-Ajulu of the QPA on X6052 for login access.

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