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more information...Deans Presentation 25 Aug 2005
The presentation by Glen Barnes to the Deans workhsop on Recruitment addressing issues of the New Funding Formula and statistics on the current size and shape fo the Institution ...

Please note that the DOE documents referred to in this presentation are also available on this site under 'Documents'.

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more information...Approved Support Structures
View the approved support structures for UKZN per College or Division. Two reporting areas are available ...

  1. Interactive online site with drill-down function

  2. Links to PDF organograms of the data reported in 1. above
more information...College Organisational Structure
The organisational structure for Colleges has been included in the reports on staff and student statistics.

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more information...Campus Forum Presentations
The two presentations of the Campus Forum of 10 October 2007 ...

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The Institutional Audit by Prof. P Zacharias

The Resource Allocation Model by Mr G Barnes
more information...DMI Fact Site
DMI has added a 'Fact Site' to the web. The aim of this area is to create a single portal for most of our reporting needs. The site takes all existing reports on student and staff and locates them in a single reporting framework.

We encourage Faculties and Divisions to request additional standard reports where necessary for us to include in this area.

This site also has a College/Faculty dashboard on student and staff data. This page will be expanded further with additional information.

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more information...Senate presentation 4 April 2007
Presentation by G Barnes on the proposed Resource Allocation Model and the implications on student enrolments as a result of the response by the DoE to the 2006 enrolment plan.

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more information...Student Intake Guide for 2008
In accordance with the approved enrolment plan, attached is the intake guide per faculty and campus for 2008.

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more information...Postgraduate Cohort Analyses
The faculty PG cohort analyses are being finanlised and posted on this website as they become available. Consult the Institutional Research section under 2008 for more details.

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more information...Presentations to Senate on 9th April 2008
Mssrs H Clarkson and G Barnes presented the amended 5 year Budget Plan with projections on icome and expenditure through to 2012. Consult the Document Library under presentations for more information ...

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more information...A Guide to Full Time Equivalent Students & Funding
A resource guide to the calculation of FTEs and the impcat on the funding formula.

Version 1.0, August 2009

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