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18 June, 2018 

UKZN Online Module & Programme Template System
OBJECTIVESCurrent Version

The electronic template system has a 'GUIDELINES' dcoument for reference purposes and to assist with the completion of the templates CLICK HERE ...

Information on HEQF levels is avaliable from the QPA or CLICK HERE ...


Latest updates ...
  1. Extended help function to Module Status
  2. Limiting qualifications to 'owner' faculty


Coming soon ...
  1. The inclusion of CESM (Subject matter) categories
  2. The inclusion of Academic level (not NQF or CHE)
  3. The automatic calculation of subsidy values


For more details contact the QPA ...
  1. Dr Florence Southway-Ajulu on X6052 for login access.
  2. Bheem Rajmoney on X7284 for user support.